First of all I just locked eyes w the cutest man in this restaurant right now, and today was another one for the books. 

We decided to keep the ATV one more day, and took it up to Imerovigli where we hiked up to Skaros Rock. It reminded us of Jurassic Park and was special to me because we didn't think we would have time to do this hike at all. 

And then we drove to Oia, where we hiked down to Amoudi Bay in search of the paradise cliffs to swim around. The water was all I dreamt of before I left for this trip so I'm pretty grateful the weather turned up and Sarah was down enough to swim with me.



Inspired by cruising along the island all day, lots of ideas I'm excited to share. 

Today we had crepes for brunch and then rented an ATV for the day. We took them to the Akrotiri archaeological site that supposedly has something to do with the Lost City of Atlantis... Still questionable??

Then we explored Pyrgos, which was amazing!! It is the highest point of the island and also the most traditional village.

After that we rode to Kamari, where we walked along the black beach. It was honestly a ghost town though, which was bummy because I was looking forward to having lunch there. 

Finally we drove out to Oia where we climbed on top of castle ruins and watched the sun go down. 



This has been my favorite day so far:

Today we took a ship to Nea Kameni and hiked to the top of the active volcano.

Then we spontaneously jumped into the sea and swam towards a hot springs at the island of Palia Kameni.

Finally we rode a donkey from the bottom of the old port to the top, easily one of the most entertaining experiences.



Wuahhh I just flew business class to Paris

I started tearing up this morning as I looked over Europe and listened to the beautiful language of French

Followed by exchanging questions and answers with a lovely French woman on our flight to Athens

Day 1 on Santorini consists of breakfast, check into hotel, and sleeeep because we've been traveling for 22 hours straight and are slightly delusional right now